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  • Metro business card holder

    Metro business card holder

    G1207 - Metro business card holder

  • 5pcs Manicure set

    5pcs Manicure set

    G1431 - 5pcs Manicure set

  • 7pcs Personal care kit

    7pcs Personal care kit

    G1432 - 7pcs Personal care kit

  • Business card holder

    Business card holder

    G1418 - Business card holder

  • Aluminium name badge

    Aluminium name badge

    G1061 - Aluminium name badge

  • Travel comfort set

    Travel comfort set

    G1025 - Travel comfort set

  • Premium weather forecast station

    Premium weather forecast station

    G1046 - Premium weather forecast station

  • Deluxe travel set

    Deluxe travel set

    G968 - Deluxe travel set

  • Executive travel set

    Executive travel set

    G505 - Executive travel set

  • Orbit Pen Holder Clock

    Orbit Pen Holder Clock

    G1607 - Orbit Pen Holder Clock

  • Desktop weather clock

    Desktop weather clock

    G1608 - Desktop weather clock

  • Digi-Desk caddy

    Digi-Desk caddy

    G1628 - Digi-Desk caddy

  • Name badge with magnetic back

    Name badge with magnetic back

    G1621 - Name badge with magnetic back

  • Sensor clock

    Sensor clock

    G981 - Sensor clock

  • Luxor compact mirror

    Luxor compact mirror

    G985 - Luxor compact mirror

  • Cufflinks


    G986 - Cufflinks

  • Compact light mirror

    Compact light mirror

    G371 - Compact light mirror

  • Whiteboard


    Marker included*2x magnets to stick note

  • Multi purpose lanyards

    Multi purpose lanyards

    G989 - Multi purpose lanyards

  • Luxor biz card holder

    Luxor biz card holder

    G739 - Luxor biz card holder

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